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Откуда вы? Where are you from?

Откуда вы? Where are you from?

Speaking about where people come from won't make you learn tons of endings. Just a couple of them.

Let's first revise the Russian personal pronouns:

I - я 

You - ты/вы (Ты is used to address one person informally, it can be a friend or a relative or a kid. Вы is used to address more than one people; one person is called вы if you talk to a stranger or your boss or... - a formal way to address a person)

He - он

She - она

It - он/она/оно (in the Russian language, things, abstract ideas or animals can be of one of the three genders - in case you don't know)

We - мы

They - они

Now let's make questions. You need to use the word откуда and put a pronoun before or after it (we, Russians, don't care about the word order too much):

Ты откуда? or Откуда ты? (Where are you from?)

Откуда она? (Where is she from?)

and so on.

Try to ask other questions.

Answering is quite easy too. Though you do need to use some endings, there are not many.

To start answering, use a pronoun and the word из (from):

Я из ... - I'm from ...
Она из ... - She's from...
Они из... - They're from...

Most country names in Russian have -ия in the end:

Россия - Russia
Франция - France
Великобритания - Great Britain
Испания - Spain

The ending in these words changes from -ия to -ии:

Я из Франции. - I'm from France.
Мы из Бразилии. - We're from Brazil.
Он из Италии. - He's from Italy.

There are also some countries ending in a consonant+a:

Америка - America
Канада - Canada
Польша - Poland
Украина - Ukraine

The ending changes to after voiceless consonant, or to after voiced consonants.
(in case you've never heard about voiced/voiceless consonants: if you whisper a consonant and it sounds the same as usual, it's voiceless - for example Russian
п, т, л, ш, щ, к, с, ф, ч, х, ц; if it changes, it's voiced - б, г, д, ж, з, also, л, м, н, р are voiced)


Мы из Украины. - We're from Ukraine.
Она из Канады. - She's from Canada.
Он из Америки. - He's from America.
Я из Польши. - I'm from Poland.

There are a few countries ending in a consonant, for example:

Ватикан - Vatican
Кипр - Cyprus
Пакистан - Pakistan

Just add -a!

Они из Пакистана. - They're from Pakistan.

!!! If a country you're speaking about is an island, you use с instead of из:

Я с Кипра. - I'm from Cyprus.

Now you can handle most countries.
Countries with exotic endings (like
Чили - Chili) do not change at all, the same happens with abbreviations like США (the USA). 
Some more exceptions (you might need them because the countries are popular):

... из Египта - from Egypt
из Израеля - from Israel
из Китая - from China

If you need to talk about a country that doesn't fit into any of these patterns, contact me at allting@ya.ru

Good luck!

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